Petrol Price Today Surges to Rs 114.47 in Mumbai, Rs 108.64 in Delhi; Check Fuel Rates

Petrol and diesel rates on Friday, October 29, soared to yet another record high across the country. This was the third consecutive day that petrol and diesel prices were hiked, after they remained the same on Monday and Tuesday all over India. According to a price notification by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), petrol price was hiked by around 30 to 37 paise across the country. Diesel prices were up by 35 to 37 paise on the other hand. The fresh, relentless hikes have come as a cause of worry for the citizens of the country. The hike in fuel prices have already resulted in a surge in all other commodities.

Following the latest price revision, petrol prices in Delhi, the national capital of India, rose to a fresh high on Friday. As per the data available with Indian Oil Corporation, a litre of petrol retailed at Rs 108.64 in the city. This was a hike of 35 paise as compared to the last day. Diesel cost Rs 96.67 per litre on Wednesday, also up by 35 paise.

Meanwhile in the financial capital of Mumbai, petrol was retailing at Rs 114.47. This was an increase of 33 paise. Diesel was being sold at Rs 105.49 for one litre, which is costlier by 37 paise.

In Kolkata, one litre of petrol was available at Rs 109.12, which was up by as much as 35 paise. Diesel in this eastern metro city was available at Rs 100.49 per litre. Diesel price went up by 34 paise in Kolkata on Wednesday. The price of this fuel crossed the Rs 100 mark on Thursday.

In the southern city of Chennai, one litre of petrol was retailing at Rs 105.43 on Wednesday. Diesel was priced at Rs 100.92 per litre.

Like everyday, petrol and diesel rates on Friday were revised by oil marketing companies such as Hindustan Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Bharat Petroleum. The new rates were implemented at 6 am as usual. States and cities have different fuel prices, this is because of the value added taxes or VAT, local and freight charges, which vary from one place to another. The price of petrol and diesel also depends on rude oil prices across the global markets, and the rupee-dollar exchange rates.

According to reports, one litre of petrol was now 37.27 per cent costlier than the rates by which aviation turbine fuel (ATF or jet fuel) are sold to airlines. In Delhi, one litre of jet fuel costed 79,020.16 per kilo litre on the day or roughly Rs 79 per litre.

International crude oil prices were mixed on Friday, but were on the way for their first weekly losses in at least eight weeks after oil stocks in the United States surged more than what was expected. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures fell 4 cents to $82.77 a barrel by 0151 GMT, while Brent crude futures rose 12 cents, or 0.1%, to $84.44 a barrel.

Following are the prices of diesel and petrol across some major cities in India:


Petrol – Rs 114.47 per litre

Diesel – Rs 105.49 per litre


Petrol – Rs 108.64 per litre

Diesel – Rs 97.37 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.43 per litre

Diesel – Rs 101.59 per litre

Petrol – Rs 109.12 per litre

Diesel – Rs 100.49 per litre


Petrol – Rs 117.35 per litre

Diesel – Rs 106.76 per litre


Petrol – Rs 113.00 per litre

Diesel – Rs 106.22 per litre


Petrol – Rs 112.43 per litre

Diesel – Rs 103.35 per litre


Petrol – Rs 104.65 per litre

Diesel – Rs 97.24 per litre


Petrol – Rs 104.88 per litre

Diesel – Rs 97.13 per litre


Petrol – Rs 105.48 per litre

Diesel – Rs 105.16 per litre


Petrol – Rs 110.89 per litre

Diesel – Rs 104.61 per litre